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The safe way for a good start into life: Grumbach Inclubators.

All incubators have an attractive design and are made of high-quality synthetic material which is easy to clean. The excellent workmanship is also emphasized by the hand-made casings with their energy-saving insulation.

The electronic regulation of the temperature precisely ensures another effect of energy saving. Warmth is distributed evenly by the soft circulating air system. A manual security thermostat guarantees the safety of your animals in case of thermostat failure.

Decisive for all breeders is the dependable development of the embryos – this is ensured by the turnable trays with rollers which are adaptable to all egg sizes and by the gearable motor turner.

The humidity can be regulated directly up to about 100 % and is kept automatically. It can be reduced by closing the manual baffle – so the air chamber can grow successfully.

For accurate measuring all incubators are either equipped with analogous angle capillary thermometers and hair hygrometers or optionally with LED digital thermometer and digital hygrometer.

Another option is the cooling down timer, i.e. the heater is turned off, the ventilator circulates enough oxygen and after the cooling phase the incubating temperature is reached again automatically.

The Compact S 84 is the best-selling incubator with a capacity of 84 chicken eggs. The incubator BSS 160 has a capacity of 168 chicken eggs, the BSS 300 can hold 294 and the BSS 420 holds 420 of those.

The interior is designed according to egg sizes, i.e. the BSS 420 holds 6 trays for up to 30 ostrich eggs.

Our special recommodation: A combination or incubator and hatcher for your special needs.

For the important days after hatching, the intensive care unit SA is recommendable. Some important facts:

  • electronic thermostat
  • LED - digital-thermometer with control function
  • soft and quiet air circulation
  • security thermostat
  • dust filter
  • optional: automatic humidity

The interest in reptiles has increased enormously in recent years. The incubator Compact SR has established itself in this area and has been used successfully even for sensitive eggs.

Some more facts:

  • LED - digital-thermometer with control function
  • no formation of condensation
  • protection from bacteria and fungi
  • capacity of up to 8 reptile boxes
  • full plastic material casing